We attract, support and grow small businesses and community organizations. Our goal is to empower communities. Since partnering with local institutions ensures program sustainability, we spearhead initiatives with partners to bring systemic changes to the community eco-system. 


Sponsoring small businesses & community organizations.

We are developing community capacity by investing in local community institutions. We are helping our small business and community organization partners thrive.

Our West Philadelphia model demonstrates the role we play as a motor and connector in harnessing community strengths. We power local organizations and businesses with the resources and direction to provide a web of services that directly meet community financial health needs.



Spreading the wealth.

We are the non-profit arm of Bridges to Wealth. Our innovative partnership is increasing wealth in underserved populations.

Our program enables families to build wealth by teaching savings and investing habits, and creates community accountability through strong social networks. We're using education, opportunity and social support to change financial behavior and grow wealth.

Investing in Ourselves has sponsored and directed the Bridges to Wealth Boys' Latin Charter School Student & Family Program since its inception in early 2015. This pioneer site is being replicated in South Philadelphia and Furness High Schools.




Building Capacity & Empowering Leaders.

We offer a professional development program to train and support community leaders to evolve into leaders in their community.  

Our materials are developed with the expertise of University of Pennsylvania faculty, customized for the community audience. Our programs enable new social networks to transfer knowledge, and help members stay connected while building accountability and support. This is important since community change is the aggregate result of getting individuals to modify their behavior. 

Our partnership with Investing in Ourselves has allowed students and families to shape a new understanding of their economic viability. Families share their new understandings of the power of investing; moreover, they opine about new realizations of how to save effectively, budget intelligently, and manage credit appropriately. Our families see clearly the alignment of this work and the mission of our school as they explore effective ways to save for college. Participants are grateful for their new-found understandings and empowerment. This program has been a powerful addition and contributor to our school community and culture.
— Dr. Noah Tennant Principal, Boys’ Latin Charter School of Philadelphia